Thursday, June 24, 2010

78 Derngate

This is the front room of the small terraced house, where the interior decorations, furniture and fittings were designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. It is in Northampton and easy to reach.

It was no surprise to see that it has won national awards as a small museum and it is exceptional in many respects. The furniture that you see is all repro but the originals are too precious to be in such a small building and are dispersed throughout our museums, such as the V&A, Brighton, and of course Glasgow.

My journey into Mackintosh is going to be exciting. Modernist, or artist or craftsman??? Next stop Glasgow.

Sculpture with Mitford ghosts

What a fantastic day - Sunday at Asthall. Including the Mitford ghosts, this glorious garden with Rosie Pearson's biennial sculpture show by leading stone carving sculptors is a must see.

Every piece has the special aura of the sculptor's hand. We particiularly liked the carving of Rosie Musgrave Folded Form made of Carrara marble. Innumerable desirable pieces, some small enough even for us to house. And the garden, which was designed a few years ago by the Bannermans is enchanting. The roses were breathtaking, and the wild meadow like nothing we have ever seen, all overlooking the Windrush valley.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long essay mood changes

Every day, at least once, I change my mind about my thesis topic. So far there has been 'Kandinsky and music', 'Influence of Russian folk lore', 'Hepworth, Moore, Nicholson: 'A nest of gentle artists'?', 'Hepworth and Moore - true to materials', and so on. Finally, keep coming back to Rennie Mackintosh - Modernist, Artist or Craftsman? In the light of which, yesterday's long overdue visit to 78 Derngate, Northampton (his only English work) was illuminating.