Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picasa Web Albums - Jackie - house of correction

Picasa Web Albums - Jackie - house of correction

Our Christmas treat! Yes, really. It was a wonderful, peaceful and not at all daunting place, despite the shackles and handcuffs in the hall. Missed the family, of course, but loved the quiet, snowcovered surroundings.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Foxy Slightly Foxed

Having borrowed my dear friend Maeve's copies for years, I decided it was time to subscribe myself to this splendid quarterly book. If you've not heard of it you can go to their website through the image. It is a joy for readers, reminding or informing about books that are often out of print (thank heavens for Abebooks and Amazon - pace bookshops - where you can usually find used copies).

I've just received the Winter edition, which provided a rapid nostalgia trip of childhood memories, with a piece on the books of Alison Uttley. (I notice that Awesome books have many of them for sale) The images such as this take me to my grandparents' house where I grew up and I can remember vividly the impression they made at the time. This must be accurate, because my boys were not interested. I think I must get some for myself, but am hesitating over the one where Little Grey Rabbit Got Her Tail Back, which I found frightening.

Why did these books disappear? What happened to my lovely copies? Too late now - but I implore today's generation to hang on to their children's books if they can, so they can be passed down. There are so many I would love to have now, although I do have the boys' set of Beatrix Potter, and Asterix and Tintin are now either in Australia or Sussex!

I am no technophobe - rather the reverse - but I do wish that reading proper books might be encouraged as there is really nothing like it, especially for young children. Being read to is lovely, but I remember that moment when I wanted to read at bedtime myself, and often long after the lights were out, under the sheets with a torch.

You're never alone with a book.