Saturday, December 12, 2009

Foxy Slightly Foxed

Having borrowed my dear friend Maeve's copies for years, I decided it was time to subscribe myself to this splendid quarterly book. If you've not heard of it you can go to their website through the image. It is a joy for readers, reminding or informing about books that are often out of print (thank heavens for Abebooks and Amazon - pace bookshops - where you can usually find used copies).

I've just received the Winter edition, which provided a rapid nostalgia trip of childhood memories, with a piece on the books of Alison Uttley. (I notice that Awesome books have many of them for sale) The images such as this take me to my grandparents' house where I grew up and I can remember vividly the impression they made at the time. This must be accurate, because my boys were not interested. I think I must get some for myself, but am hesitating over the one where Little Grey Rabbit Got Her Tail Back, which I found frightening.

Why did these books disappear? What happened to my lovely copies? Too late now - but I implore today's generation to hang on to their children's books if they can, so they can be passed down. There are so many I would love to have now, although I do have the boys' set of Beatrix Potter, and Asterix and Tintin are now either in Australia or Sussex!

I am no technophobe - rather the reverse - but I do wish that reading proper books might be encouraged as there is really nothing like it, especially for young children. Being read to is lovely, but I remember that moment when I wanted to read at bedtime myself, and often long after the lights were out, under the sheets with a torch.

You're never alone with a book.

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