Saturday, September 04, 2010

August into September brain

One of the happiest days of my life - 3 September 2007. Married Rob and spent some days at this beautiful place in Suffolk.

So why am I not bouncing with energy and vigour and huge intellect?

I find it hard to understand why the summer is such a bad time, mentally, for me. It was many years before I could see the pattern. I love the weather, the countryside, bright clothes, fresh veggies, glorious flowers, the sea, the birds - just everything. And yet I get mentally heavy and confused, and often quite depressed. Is it something to do with my birthday in August. Don't think so, since I enjoy getting older in many respects.

All of which is a pity, since this summer, and next, I have the challenge of writing a long piece for my Art History course. Which means I feel guilty if I am not doing it, and the deadlines have been too long and time management has not been my core strength. The web doesn't help - too many distractions, and have just started Tweeting, on top of Facebook. Of course, these are diversionary tactics and the amount of time I spend sitting here is ludicrous.

Moodscope helps....lack of structure and discipline doesn't. Heh Hoh! It is off to write I go...back to Rennie Mackintosh for one last effort...

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