Saturday, March 03, 2012

The beauty of black and white

 There is something special about black and white photography. It distils the image, and makes you look more closely at textures, composition and atmosphere. Colour is wonderful but some images just look so much better in black and white. I took the photo above at Walton Hall, in the grounds of the hotel there, during the ice and snow (and sun) of Christmas 2010. Thanks to dear old Picasa I have converted it to black and white, which it very nearly was to start with, but this image seems even better to me.

Whereas, this picture taken at Brancaster Staithe in Norfolk in 2010 is enhanced by the touches of blue and yellow in an otherwise monochrome image.

Both should be good sources for paintings.

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Fred Spratt said...

Very, very true! Great photos although the colour photo (despite the greens being fab) doesn't quite do the composition justise, but like you said, combining the 2 in a painting and your on to something marvellous! I often find my work being drowned and dictated by colour, so I go back to 'baisics' with chalk and charcoal and I'm all sorted again haha :) its quite refreshing sometimes