Friday, October 19, 2012


 There is a particular beauty of seedheads which may be their promise of fecundity, continuity or is it just the aesthetics of form, colour, texture? I love the dessication, the wisps and crispy bits, the prickles and pods. The colours are subtle and soft, autumnal and gentle. The runner bean pod cocoons polished ebony beans with splashes of magenta; the chinese lanterns are the exception to the subtle rule, glowing as they do in fluorescent orange (mine are rather washed out); teazels are protectively spiky. All are delicately beautiful.


The art group I belong to with tutor, Caroline Chappell, had a glorious day last week mucking about with these lovely specimens. Inks, frottage, monoprint, glue, bleach, all enjoyed with a large helping of good company and excellent cakes.

Shall I split the sheet, or leave it as it is?

We have an exhibition coming up at the end of November, so will decide nearer the time.


marigold said...

My vote is for leaving it as it is :) They are all lovely sketches, but I particularly like the teasle and the glowing Chinese lantern.

Anne Mackle said...

I always admire someone who can draw or paint and you have a lovely way with words. I'm glad I have found your blog.