Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dove Grey Reader - a like minded reader

This picture has nothing to do with dear Dove Grey Reader, but was taken from our bedroom window (before the cottage was rethatched) while recuperating, reading and watching wonderful skyscapes with a view to painting them later (as if...).

More to the point, I do highly recommend Dove Grey Reader's wonderful blog. She has become quite a phenomenon, and I heard her in discussion at the Oxford Literary Festival last year, defending literary blogs in the august company of John Carey (relatively pro) and John Mullan (very anti). I think the men missed the point somewhat. Literary blogs do not take the place of their erudite literary criticism, but they do give an insight into a fellow-booklover's take on a wide variety of books. Most are very much to my taste.

She is a delightfully self-effacing lady, who has become sufficiently influential that publishers rush to send her reading copies. Also, I like to think of her in a bucolic landscape (do look at her wonderful wood collected for the winter and ruminations on wood fires). As we are about to get a woodburning stove, this is particularly appropriate. This is the strength of the Web - that someone in deepest Devon can be read worldwide (even Outer Mongolia apparently), with her gentle, perceptive musings on life and books.

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