Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In passing - Omega

Omega Workshops Pamela (1913), printed linen. Made in France. Picture courtesy Manchester City Art Gallery

Exhibition: Beyond Bloomsbury: Designs of the Omega Workshops 1913-1919, The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House, London, June 18 – September 20 2009.

Today, at the hurried end of our lecture on Cubisn and the Decorative: from Orphism to the Maison Cubiste, we touched on the Omega Workshop and this reminded me just how fond I am of the Charleston decorative style, and the wonder of the farmhouse at Firle.

The drive towards the farmhouse, passing ditches which no doubt housed the renowned Cezanne in the hedge, is a sublime experience. Having been fortunate enough to work with the administration on a voluntary basis, I realise that all is not peace and calm, and that they lead a precarious existence financially. But nonetheless, it is a magical place to visit and should be preserved because of its unique decorative qualities alone, not to mention its historic significance as the meeting place of the Bloomsbury Group.

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